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Are you suffering from an autoimmune disease?
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We cannot change the past but we can start today to make a better tomorrow
How it works
Monitor your symptoms easily with our application and get your life back!
Assess your current health and lifestyle
  • Download the app and fill in the questionnaire
  • Choose a date to meet 1-on-1 with your health coach online
Get insights into your health
Get your personal plan with diet, physical activity, mental health, and sleep
Track meals and symptoms
Set in-app notifications to remind you to log your symptoms and daily activities
Get 24/7 support
Ask any questions about your symptoms or personal plan to therapists in the chat
Monitor your progress and feel better
Get analytics and reports on your progress to see how your pain is decreasing
Get personal consultations
Have 1-on-1 online sessions with a health coach to discuss your results and adjust your personal plan if necessary
79% see improvement
in fatigue, pain and mobility
We can help you if
you want to take control of your life
you need support, care, and a weekly review of your symptoms
regardless of whether you just got a diagnosis or have had it for more than 5 years
Testimonials from Our Warriors
*we changed the name of the project from SelfHealth to SelfInsight
After three and a half weeks of using the SelfInsight program, I’m confident that I’ll be able to maintain my weight and my cognition got a lot clearer. My quality of life is definitely better than it was before!
Before starting I felt bloated and had some brain fog.
Arianna Snyder
As of now, I'm able to walk and move around more freelya. My optic neuritis flair is completely gone. My gut health is better and I’m having a lot of normal bowel movements in comparison to the incontinence I had before.
Before I started using MS SelfInsight I was bedridden, couldn’t walk and I was in massive amounts of pain every single day.
Courtney Beck
After a month of the SelfInsight program I have seen some really great improvements. I’ve started off having a lot of hand neuropathy, numbness, tingling, and it has been a notable difference in the last few weeks and I owe a lot of that to the changes in my diet.
Before I was actually just eating a lot of the same things.
Mary Kay McLeod
The MS SelfInsight program helped me track it which was awesome and cutting the dairy and gluten in the sugar really has improved how I feel and daily basis which really has been great.
Previously to starting the program I found I had symptoms such as fatigue, decrease in energy, brain fog, difficulty focusing on a task, some difficulty with constipation.
Nora Connolly
About us
We have created an evidence-based platform for people with autoimmune conditions to access holistic solutions that work. We've based our program on thousands of medical papers and articles, and work with advisors who are experts in their chosen field of medicine. Our mission is to help the almost 24 million people in the US with autoimmune conditions get their lives back
This project is not sponsored or funded by pharmaceutical companies
Expert Care Team and Clinical Advisors
Our team is made up of health coaches, licensed doctors, and other health professionals. We believe that together, we can make a difference and not let our diagnoses determine our lives or our futures
Since being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, I feel like I've been on an endless journey. However, for me it's more fitting to call it a battle, a fight, or a challenge, and sometimes I've felt like I have little strength to go on. Still, my goal is to finally find the solution that brings me relief from my symptoms and provides an explanation for their presence
Alex Sokoloff
Founder at SelfInsight*, MS Warrior
Our founder’s story
*we changed the name of the project from SelfHealth to SelfInsight
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